Graduation Personalized Gifts: Money Necklace

Graduation Personalized Gifts

Money Necklace

Graduation Personalized Gifts: Money Necklace

Graduation Personalized Gifts: Money Necklace

Money: $30 ones

I was looking for the perfect graduation gift. Then it hit me what does everyone need? They need money. I mean even with our posts on how to save for college¬†and how to save on stuff for the dorm you wills till need money. We have even put together a gift card wreath if you want to go above and beyond but for most of us around $25 bucks is where we would like to be. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to give that amount in a cool way, to make graduation personalized gifts. I mean who would forget a necklace made of money? Who wouldn’t want to receive this gift.

It is easy to make you will need to find $25- $30 flat ones. You may be able to use less depending on how large you make your links. Then you will lay the the dollar bill flat vertically.

Graduation Personalized Gifts: Money Necklace

Next fold the dollar bill in thirds. Make sure you crease it nicely. You will need to be able to create a place to put the dollar bills tip in the top of the link. Once the dollar is folded over three times. Then you will bend the dollar towards the end. You will need to bend the tip of the folded dollar into a triangle.. Next, look at the bent and folded dollar and place the the folded tip under the last fold.

Graduation Personalized Gifts: Money Necklace

Then you will repeat those steps until you come to the very last one. You will need to link your dollar with the other dollar link. It is an easy way to make a gift. I am sure you will enjoy creating it and they will enjoy receiving it.

Graduation Personalized Gifts: Money Necklace

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