Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

couple halloween costumes

I love Halloween and I love to go to Halloween parties with my husband. So what do the cutest couples go as for Halloween? Check out my top five favorite Couple Halloween Costume Ideas! The key to couples costumes at least in my marriage is to keep his as simple as possible. My husband is a little reluctant to wear some crazy costume but if I can at least make the clothing part of the costume comfortable than he is game for whatever.

My Top 5 Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

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1. Flo and Mayhem – Easy and frugal. Most of us already own the basic pieces to make these costumes. For her: white polo shirt ,white pants, blue headband. You can get the apron, iron on letters, and make your own button at any craft store. For him: dark suit, white shirt, dark tie. Add some small weights and a pink headband.

Frank and his bride

2. Frank and his Bride – It ain’t easy being green but this is a great couples costume. For her: LBD (aka little black dress), either a wig or an updo, if you go with an updo just use baby powder to give yourself some white streaks For him: the green make-up really makes the costume, draw on stiches with black, dark shirt, a green jacket if you can find it at the second hand store but a dark jacket will do.

3. Adam and Eve – My in-laws dressed as Adam and Eve several years ago and it was a hoot! They found beige colored sweat shirts and sweat pants and then pinned on construction paper leaves in the appropriate places. Inexpensive and funny!

queen of hearts and mad hatter

4. Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter – Skip Alice and go over the top sexy with a queen of hearts costume. This is for those of us who maybe a little less crafty. I have seen both these costumes this year in retail stores.


5. Medusa and the Stone Man – For her: find a flowing green dress – think toga, you can add a gold sash or belt. Pick up an inexpensive Medusa head piece from the costume store and go bold with the eye makeup – lots of colors! For him – he can wear whatever he wants which will make him happy. Then you need to paint his face and hands gray like stone. Use baby powder to make his hair gray too!

Do you have Couple Halloween Costume Ideas? Share it with us below.

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