Free Fun Animal Exercises Printable

Free Fun Animal Exercises Printable

Animal Exercise


Happy Summer everyone! One thing that is important to me is keeping my little girl active. I do this by making sure she has plenty of outside time, dance classes, and making sure she doesn’t sit in front of the TV all day. One of her favorite ways to keep active is by pretending to be an animal! Who doesn’t love to stomp around the yard pretending to be an elephant right!? So with her help I decided to make a¬†Free Fun Animal Exercise Printable¬†of 26 different ways you can use animals as a way to get up and have some fun! Let’s check it out!

Here is my Free Fun Animal Exercise Printable:

animal printable


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How fun is that right!? We had to get creative with some of the letters (see: X-Ray Tetra haha) but we had a great time thinking of different exercises for different animals. It’s all about finding what excites your kids, and makes them want to get up and have some fun. When I was a kid and it was summer, I was up from sunup to sun down playing with my friends. Times have changed with technology and it seems to be harder and harder to get kids to unplug and be kids. That’s why I try to make it fun! What do you do to get your kids outside?

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