Free Printable Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

Free Printable Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist



Do you have a Bachelorette party to plan soon? I know there can be a lot that goes into planning a party for the bride, and we might forget something important, so I thought I would make a Free Printable Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist for you to print out and take with you while party planning! 

Here is my Free Printable Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist:



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Some things to remember about each task:

  • Pick a Date- Picking a date should be #1 on your to-do list. You will need to know what time of the year it’s going to be, and what day it’s going to be on. Not only can this affect your theme, but also your cost. Most things tend to be more expensive on weekends.
  • Pick a Theme- One of the most fun parts of planning a party is picking the theme! Make sure you chose a theme you know the bride will love! Check out these great bachelorette party ideas for some inspiration!
  • Set a Budget- Once you have your date and theme picked out it’s time to set a budget. There are so many things out there you can buy that if you don’t sit down and put a max on what you are willing to spend you might go crazy and spend way more than you had meant to.
  • Pick a Venue- Are you going to a bar? A hotel? Or are you going to keep it casual at home? Pick a venue that is convenient for all involved and cost effective.
  • Send out Invites- Make sure to send these out with plenty of advance notice so everyone can be there!
  •  Pick out a Menu- Are you doing a full dinner? Drinks? Cake? Think about what kind of food you are going to serve, keep the theme in mind! (And also the budget!)
  • Buy Supplies- Places like Party City and Amazon have great bachelorette party supplies!
  • Plan Party Games- Party games are one of the most fun parts of the party! Pinterest is a great source for party game ideas!
  • Make Reservations- Going out to dinner before the party? Or need to rent a dunking booth? (LOL!) Then make sure you make reservations ahead of time!
  • Have Fun- The most important part of the whole planning process! Make sure this is a fun time for you and everyone else involved!

free bachelorette party checklist

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