How My Weight Loss Brought Back the Spark

How My Weight Loss Brought Back the Spark

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When I met my husband 12 years our sex life was full of sparks. Things remained that way for a few years even after the birth of our daughter. She was child #2 as my husband had a son from his first marriage but the early years were still full of  fire. My weight slowly picked up over the years and I didn’t really notice our spark died down to a glowing ember. We blamed it on schedules, illnesses, deaths in the families, and general life for the reason we died out. I now know that there was more to it than that.

I recently underwent a 90 pound weight loss and have 20 pounds more to go until I reach my goal weight.  I was obsessing daily about getting to that goal and failed to acknowledge the fact I had already accomplished a major feat by losing 90 pounds. With the sparks renewed, I have a new found goal and a new found reason to celebrate my weight loss.

What Brought the Spark Back?

It wasn’t just the pounds melting away that brought the spark back but these realizations and change of expectations that allowed me to find the romance hiding in my bedroom.

1.I am more than a number on the scale.  It took me a long time to realize that I am just as important 90 pounds lighter as I was before I lost weight.

2. Confidence comes from within. Wearing smaller clothes is a plus but being confident to step out of my comfort zone even when I have not met my goal weight means the world.

3. Embracing the Inner Beauty. My husband never once criticized my weight, my size, or the clothes I wore because he saw something I couldn’t. Accepting that he does love me for me opened up a whole new level of closeness.

4. Getting healthy.  Losing weight was not just about shedding pounds but beginning a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle means I feel good on the inside as well as the outside. This brings more energy and pep so NO more “I’m Too Tired” excuses.

5. Stopping the Excuses – When I was heavier I always made up excuses but when you are losing weight you have to toss excuses out the window if you want to achieve your goal. Once I got in the habit of kicking excuses out of one area it simply carried over to others and soon I found myself without a list of excuses.

Don’t think there is a magic number to bring back the spark but realize that as your body physically changes there are changes that happen inside as well. These changes along with the physical changes help to bring back the spark and soon the flame will be glowing bright.

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