Great Gifts For Photography Lovers

Great Gifts For Photography Lovers

Great Gifts For Photography Lovers

The holiday season is slowly creeping up on us. I know that 5 months seems like a long time, but I promise it’s not. Don’t be one of those people who finds themselves paying for expedited shipping 4 days before Christmas. Start shopping and planning now, and save yourself some money and sanity! One thing that I love is photography. So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of great gifts for photography lovers like me, and the photo enthusiast on your list!

Here are some great gifts for photography lovers:

1. How to Photograph Everything Book – Everyone can always improve on their photo skills, and this book is a great way to start. (This goes for any photo books!)

photo gifts


2. Photography Photo Portrait Studio – They can turn anywhere in to a photography studio with this easy to use light umbrella set! And it’s cost effective, so win win for everyone!

photo gifts


3. Photo Lens Mug – For those of us that love coffee as much as out DSLR Lens, this coffee mug would be the perfect gift!

photo lens mug


4. Digital Photo Frame – What better way to display all the photos they have taken than with a beautiful digital photo frame!

digital photo grame


5. Camera Phone Lens – For the times that they can’t lug around their big camera but still want to take quality pictures with their smart phone!

photo camera lens


6. Camera Lens Bracelets – Now you can take their love for photography and make it into a fashion statement. These make for great stocking stuffers!

camera lens bracelet


7. “I’m about to SNAP!” Shirt – Gotta love a little humor with your gift giving right? This shirt is perfect to wear when snapping photos.

photographer t-shirt

8. Camera Strap – Say goodbye to boring factory camera straps and get a little fancy with a custom made camera strap they are sure to love!

camera strap

9. GoPro Camera – For the photographer that also loves extreme sports. My husband has one and takes it skydiving with him!

GoPro Camera

10. A Camera Film Toilet Paper Holder – Why? Because it’s funny. What other reason do you need!?

photo film canister

Which gift do you like the best!?

Looking for more great gift ideas? Check these out:




  1. Those are some nice ideas. From what I hear, photography can be quite expensive.

  2. Allyson Ballard Bossie says

    This is a great post to refer to when purchasing for my MIL. She is a photographer and this is such a great list!

  3. Julie Lundstrom

    I am not very good at taking pictures for I get my fingers in the way or move the camera. This equipment might help me take better pictures.

  4. I know nothing about photography. I do know that it’s an art form. Beautiful photos aren’t an accident. It takes planning and a good eye.

  5. Donna Quarles says

    What great ideas & not real expensive.

  6. John Joseph says

    Thank you for the selection of ideas for gifts. It will come in handy during Holidays for the photographer hobbyist in my family.

  7. I love the camera strap!!

  8. Great gift ideas!

  9. Lauralee Hensley

    Camera Phone Lens is what I like best. If I had the money I’d buy that for my wonderful, great, terrific younger sister. I’d think my younger sister was an awesome person even if she wasn’t my sister. She is so caring.

  10. I like the toilet paper holder. Talk about a unique gift idea. These are great!

  11. Tami Vollenweider says

    Great Gifts! My brother is into photography and would love some of these!!

  12. Haley Cook says

    I love photography ! When I was in high school I planned on starting my own business doing it but instead I had my son. I may decide to try again some day in the future.

  13. I like the tshirt. These are all great gift ideas. It’s often hard to know what to buy a person. I usually pick up a gift card which is something I personally enjoy. Many see that as a cop out.

  14. Like the whimsy of the paper roll holder.

  15. I really like the digital photo frames. So easy to use and nice to have memories handy.

  16. The toilet paper roll is funny- for those of us that remember “rolls of film.” haha. I also was surprised by the camera phone lens. Wow!

  17. denise low

    I am not great at picture taking. I do know that you need a good lens and camera to take good pictures.

  18. Holly Thomas says

    Some really great ideas.

  19. Sherry Compton says

    I have friends that like the mug, but I’venever seen the toilet paper holder before. Funny. Great ideas from useful to just plain fun.

  20. LOVE that t shirt!

  21. Allyson Bossie says

    I need to check out some of these for my MIL. She is the photographer who has everything, but not some of this!

  22. The camera strap is so bright and bold- I like it!


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