Great ideas for Stay Home Dates

Great ideas for Stay Home Dates

Stay Home Dates


Whether it be due to money, lack of babysitter, or even lack of wanting to go out, stay home dates can be a great way to have a romantic evening without ever having to leave your house! My husband and I are huge fans of stay home dates because we are homebodies, but we still want to have a romantic evening that is just about us every once in awhile! So I thought some of you out there felt the same way so I wanted to put a list together of some of my favorite stay home dates and some that I found that I want to try as well! 

Great ideas for Stay Home Dates:

  • Set up a Spa Night- And not just one the woman would enjoy. I’m talking full body massages for both parties
  • Italian Night- Order a pizza (or bonus points make one at home!) grab some great whine, and a copy of “The Godfather”
  • Have a Video Game Night- This is me and my husbands favorite stay home date! We love to go grab a new game from the store, pick up some take out and stay up late killing zombie together.
  • Go Camping! Indoors. Clear out the living room and act like kids again! Set up tents and sleeping bags and make some smores, after dinner you can think of ways to entertain each other electronic free 😉
  • Movie Night! Sometimes nothing is better than a movie marathon night! Pick a theme and pop some popcorn and snuggle up!
  • Poker Night for 2- Grab a deck of cards and place your bets!
  • Break out the board games- Board games are always fun, and you could make your own, adult, rules to spice it up!
  • Foodie Night- Have a recipe your have always wanted to try? Why not make it together?
  • Attend a virtual concert- Turn up the volume and grab a beer!
  • Escape to an Island- Make a fruity cocktail, throw on some Bob Marley and go for a swim!
  • Pick a Theme Night! Pick a theme (like horror) and dress the part, pick out a movie, and make treats that match!
  • Have a Picnic! Whether it’s in your backyard on right on the living room floor, picnics are always fun and romantic
  • Learn a new dance- Youtube has hundreds of dance tutorial videos, clear a space and grab some dancing shoes!
  • Catch a game- Baseball? Football? UFC? watch a sport together and have stadium food (think hot dogs and nachos)
  • Stargaze! Grab a blanket and sit on the hood of your car and watch the stars.
  • A Candle light dinner for two- An oldie but a goodie. Fix dinner together and light some candles.
  • Power outage date- Cut the lights off, light some candles and strap on some glow sticks. It’s always more fun in the dark.
  • Let out your inner artist- Grab some canvases and paint and paint together.
  • Play Dress up- Naughty or nice, dressing up is sure to be fun

Do you have any great ideas for stay home dates? Leave them in the comment below!

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