How to Kiss

how to kiss

  How to Kiss

The how to kiss is a question that should be answered by someone who knows. I decided to ask some of my friends for their worst ever kiss stories. I figured if you know what not to do that will help you figure out what to do. I know a little backward however it is effective.Kiss

These are the top five ways  How to kiss:

1) Make sure the other person is interested there is nothing worse than going in for a landing and the runway moves

2) Make sure you have good breath

3) Soft lips seal the deal always kiss softly first

4) Kiss softly then lean back and look at the person you were kissing and look in their eyes and then kiss again

5) If you decide to take that kiss to the next level make sure you heed the warning below your tongue is not a weapon


Lets go into the How to Kiss by thinking about what not to do….

1) The objective of a kiss is to show you “like” someone not to gain control of their tongue. This is not a game of thumb war

2) Kissing isn’t a recon mission your job is not to “get out of there as soon as possible”

3) You shall not in between kisses call me by the wrong name

4) Saying “That is better than I thought it would be” will not land you another kiss

5) If your tongue has the rhythm of a sewing machine this my friend is a “one stitch project”

6) If you are a spitter that will also end your kissing career

7) If you forget you have something in your mouth…. and kiss someone GROSS

8) If you attempt to beat my tongue into submission “Game Ovcr”

9) If you stop ever couple of second to ask “Was that okay?” it isn’t

10) If you fail to connect meaning all teeth that to is the last kiss…

11) If you  reek of cigarettes or booze don’t bother!

How to Kiss and other dating rules you should not break.

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