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Find out why Shemar Moore is Funding his Love Story on Indiegogo

This past weekend a group of bloggers got to meet up with Shemar Moore at a Press Junket in LA. While there they go to sit down with him and find out why he is using Indiegogo to fund his film project, The Bounce Back.

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The Bounce Back is a Love Story about a man, Matthew, who loses his wife and after a brief grieving period writes a book. He begins a year long speaking tour to promote his book and the system of survival he has created. His world get thrown upside down when he meets Kristen (played by Nadine Velasquez). He must decide to stick with his plan or throw it out the window.

See Some Behind the Scene Footage from the Press Junket


Many people have asked, ‘Why invest in Shemar Moore’s Love Story?”

I was going to list all the reasons I felt for why people should invest in Shemar Moore’s Love Story when I read what why my friend, Erica Pena-Vest had written on why she feels people should invest in Shemar’s Love Story.  She answered this question better than I could have so with her permission I am posting her reasons here for you to read. 

We are reaching the home stretch of this journey and I have often, during this process, heard people ask “Why should I give money to the Bounce Back Indiegogo campaign?”. It’s a legitimate question. One I’m going to try to answer and pray that you can better understand the importance of the campaign I am working on.

Movies are made everyday. Money comes from all kinds of places. Studios, investors, companies, sponsors…there are a million ways to raise money, so why go to the fans? Shemar has answered this over and over, but somewhere in the back of our heads we’re worried he’s ‘acting’ or telling us what we want to hear. It’s ok to admit it. I thought the same thing when I first heard about this project. He’s a wealthy man, and this movie is not a charity. The movie will make money as will it’s stars, so why should we get involved? What do we get out of it?

I can’t tell you how many times, as a blogger, I have been disappointed in a movie, especially this summer. My favorite movie as a kid was the original Superman with Christoper Reeve (remember that one?). When it was remade, I hoped (secretly I prayed) that it would be everything I wanted it to be. I wanted the feel of wonder, excitement, virtue and a return to the only truly altruistic character that has ever existed on screen (other than Christ). I was badly disappointed. The Superman I remembered and loved had turned into a Hollywood production of violence, confusion, betrayal and my hero even lacked the virtuous character he was known for. What happened? Have we really become THAT audience that is cynical and no longer believes in virtue and love?

That’s where the Bounce Back came in for me. Here’s a chance to help make a movie, have a voice, be at the screening, meet the star and director, have influence on a movie that is about the most basic and human concept in existence – LOVE. If ‘they’ the producers screw this one up, well, I might not believe in movies any more.

But I’ll be real honest, I know Shemar. I’ve met him, as have some of my friends and we can tell you one thing. That man IS LOVE. Everything about him eludes love, sensuality, sexuality, and sensitivity. I’m not even saying this as a fan. I am a fan, but you only need to spend two minutes with Shemar and you no longer feel that ‘I’m-about-to-faint-because-I’m-so-excited’ kind of feeling. It’s more like you just met the cute guy at the diner or you had a date with the quarterback of the football team. He’s real. He’s approachable. He’s the dream come to life. He’s the PERFECT leading man.

That brings us to the Bounce Back. Sure they could have gone to Hollywood for the money, but by coming to us, we have a voice. We can be part of something that’s going to change the way Hollywood sees us, the consumer. Right now, we are a $9.50 movie ticket to them, but after this, we are Hollywood producers and maybe, just maybe, they will start listening to what we want we think, what we want to see, what we believe in, who we want as a lead actor…and maybe next time, they won’t mess with Superman. Maybe. But we won’t know until we try. They won’t know what we can do, until we show them.

Let’s make this love story happen for Shemar, because it’s our love story. It will always be ‘our’ love story. No one will ever be able to take that from us. This will always be the time when we showed Hollywood that if only they would come to us, listen to us instead of talk down to us, we could truly make magic.

I can’t think of a better person to make magic with and for than Shemar Moore. Who’s with me?

Thinking about Investing- then head on over to the Indiegogo Page and make your investment and check out all the great perks you can earn for investing.

My favorite Perk is the $50 perk that includes a digital copy of the movie, PDF of the script before the movie is released, Email Updates, and The Bounce Back Film T-Shirt.

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Disclaimer: I am only a social media volunteer for the Bounce Back film campaign and am have not been asked to write this. My opinion is entirely my own and not meant to be representative of Shemar Moore, the Bounce Back film or its affiliates

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