How to Make Water Balloon Flip Flops

How to Make Water Balloon Flip Flops

DIY flip flops

According to my phone, the temperature outside is 103 degrees, which means that summer is here for sure. Summer to me means flip flops every day (ok ok, I will wear flip flops any other time of the year too, but at least in the summer people don’t look at me all weird ha). My daughter has inherited my love for flip flops and wanted to make a fun summer gift for her friends so we came up with some super cute and fun Water Balloon Flip Flops! It brings together 2 things everyone loves about summer, flip flops and any kind of water. This project is easy to make and only cost me $2/pair! So it’s an inexpensive summer craft to do with your kids, and I am all about saving some money!

Want to see how easy they are to make? Let’s check it out:

Here is how to make Water Balloon Flip Flops:

flip flop craft


You Will Need…..

  • Flip Flops! (This project works best with the rubber flip flops!)
  • Water Balloons.

Yep, that is really all you need!

water balloon flip flops

Making these DIY Water Balloon Flip Flops is super easy! There is really only 1 step. You take your water balloons and tie them around the straps of your flip flops. You can do this in any pattern you want! My daughter and I just went crazy and grabbed water balloons out of the bad and tied em on!

DIY flip flops


After you have tied all your balloons to your flip flops this is what they will look like. How cute and summer ready are these!? They were a big hit with my daughters friends and they have held up really well!

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