How To Tighten American Girl Doll Limbs At Home

How To Tighten American Girl Doll Limbs At Home

How to tighten american girl limbs

You guys, I’m back! I know it’s been about a week since I’ve written a post, but I promise I’ve had a good reason. We have had some health issues in my family. Even as I type my daughter is at home with a nasty case of Scarlet Fever (I didn’t even know people still got that!). But now I’m back. And I’m back with an an awesome tip for you guys. If there is one thing my kid love it’s her American Girl dolls. And to be honest, I’m ok with this. I love that American Girl is all about girl power and I would much rather have my daughter exploring her imagination with dolls than in front of a TV all day.

While she was playing with Mary Ellen (the newest member of our American Girl family) we noticed that one of her legs were super loose. Which made it very hard for her to stand up. What’s a mom to do!? Well thanks to modern technology I was taught how to tighten american girl limbs at home! It wasn’t too hard either. So I thought there must be other moms out there that would love to have this little piece of knowledge. (And for those that don’t want to take on the task at home, you could always send your doll to the AG Hospital, which is such a cool service) If you would like to learn how at home keep reading!

Here is how to tighten American Girl limbs at home:

American Girl Tighten Limbs

Step 1: First you will want to take any clothing off of your doll. Something else I recommend is having your kids leave the room. You have to take their heads off and it might both them. (It did mine!). Untie the string on the back of your doll and remove the head. Set aside. Also, grab a few hair ties and a container to hold your dolls stuffing.

American Girl Doll

Step 2: Once you have removed the head it’s time to remove the stuffing. If you are tightening an arm you will only need to remove 1/2 the stuffing. If you are tightening a leg like I was, you will have to remove all the stuffing.

Tightening American Girl doll limbs

Step 3: Now, this part can be a little tricky, but you’ll get it! You will want to bring the limb that needs to be tightened up to the hole where the head was. You will notice a big plastic piece and a band that stretches. This is where your hair tie comes in. Wrap your hair tie under the plastic piece. I wrapped mine around 4 times. You can judge how many times you need to wrap yours around by moving the leg around and seeing how it feels.

Step 4: After you have your limb the way you want it, put your American Girl dolls stuff back in, head back on, tie your strings back up and you are good to go!

Mary Ellen American Girl Doll

That’s all there is to it! It takes a little time, but it can be done and fixed! And afterwords I bet you will have a very thankful child who will run off and play!





  1. This doesn’t apply to me. My kids are grown up and married. I don’t have any of these dolls.

    • It was very helpful for those that have the dolls and do have both children, grandchildren and for themselves. That’s who the story was for. Articles I’m not interested in I don’t read and I certainly don’t respond to them.

  2. sunchicka says

    Nice tip thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting,will pass this on to my friends

  4. Michelle Elizondo says

    My girls have the dolls but the arms are fine so far.

  5. Aren’t these dolls expensive? I would try it fix it too. I know nothing about toys that kids play with, but one think stays the same. Girls like dolls.

  6. This is great to know,these dolls are great keepsakes and expensive to repair.
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  7. This is great to know,these dolls are great keepsakes and expensive to repair.
    April monty recently posted..Technological Advancements Make It Easier To Protect Your HomeMy Profile

  8. That’s good to know. If you have a doll, you don’t want it to lose a limb.

  9. This is a great technique to know! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love these dolls and how easy they are to repair if need be

  11. Laura Hilton says

    Thanks for sharing. Will tuck this away for future use, if needed.

  12. Laura Hilton says

    Thanks for sharing. This is good to know.

  13. denise low

    Thank you for sharing. This is great to know how to fix them.

  14. When I was a kid I had a Chrissy doll with growing hair. I thought her hair would grow, so I cut it off.

  15. Can we comment on a post of own choosing? It’s hard to comment daily. Especially if the subject has no relevance to us.

  16. So glad I found this artivke

  17. Sounds like quite a bit of work. But, it’s better than throwing the doll out because it’s broken.

  18. She got upset when you took the head off? She must be very sensitive. Luckily you could repair it.

  19. If I spent a lot of money on a doll for a child, you betcha, I’d fix it when it broke.

  20. I don’t know how or why, but I’m on their mailing list and have been getting catalogs in the mail.

  21. Thank you so much! : ) You saved our otherwise mint Kirsten doll who belonged to our friend who passed away. She was so floppy and now she can stand and hold poise in her arms. My daughter is so happy! No waiting for doll hospital. I ordered new limb fasteners just to have at hand, just to be on the safe side.

  22. Scarlett Kropp says

    is there another way to tighten the dolls limbs without taking the head off and taking the stuffing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? please i dont want to take the stuffing out and taking the head off

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