Johnny Rockets Review

johnny rockets review

I received a night out with my friends so I could review the food. All opinions are mine and the calories I own those as well. They were well worth it!

The key to a successful girl’s night out is the right food and location. It isn’t easy being a mom or wife. It really isn’t easy to try to plan a night out. I decided we all need one so that is what I did. I planned one. I first gathered a list of my attendees. Then I thought about my location. I figured for this group Johnny Rockets was perfect. I really missed a good burger, fries, and a shake. Then I created a quick invite and I emailed them out. You can make your own DIY party invites.

johnny rocket review

I chose Johnny Rockets because I like their shakes. I even created one for a contest they were having. You can see my lemon pie shake. I like the feel of the place with its happy days décor. I like the wait staff ours was super friendly as you can see Joe made us feel at home. We were immediately brought back in time when we arrived. The décor is pure fun diner. The meal options were yummy and quite filling. I will admit myself and my friends had such a hard time selecting milk shake options that we asked for samples. I believe this is a blogger on a job option only but it worked amazingly well. I was a huge fan of the shakes!

pie johnny rockets

Then we began to look over the menu one of my friends had studied it before we got there. She had her meal planned out. That was until we started talking. We all picked one or two meals options and then figured out whom we would be sharing with. It just seemed like a shame to not try everything we could get our hands on. I choose the double bacon cheeseburger and then I split a Philly cheesesteak. Well, I mean I split my hamburger as well. We all swapped our food. We couldn’t keep our hands off the appetizers either. I mean bacon, cheddar, fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. Heaven!

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I will say the party is only as good as the company. We had a great time just getting back to who we were before we became moms. I think it is nice to select a place like Johnny Rockets because as soon as you enter you are reminded about the good old days. I found the food to be reasonably priced and filling. It was REALLY good and the service was excellent. We loved the dancing and the dessert menu. We had a night to remember and isn’t that what is all about food, fun, and friends.


You can see which Johnny Rocket is close to you and come in for a family friendly meal or a girl’s night out.

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