Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe


Lemon Water Weight Loss

I was skeptical. I also do not need to lose any weight. I do however workout 5 days a week and I have that layer of something over my abs. I am pretty sure it is cupcakes. It could have resulted by having three babies. It does however need to leave. I am tired of it. I decided the one diet I would do is to change what I was drinking. I drink Spark which I love. What is Spark? I also drink milk but then i have a sweet tea issue. I got rid of sweet tea for two weeks and replaced it with Lemon Water Weight

Lemon Water Weight Loss

1 Pitcher of water


2 lemons

1 cucumber

1 sprig of mint

Combine the ingredients above.

I drank 5 glasses a day. The question is did it work? Can you lose weight by just drinking lemon water? I mean does drinking water lose weight?  I wasn’t actually trying to lose weight. I want to lose the extra belly layer. The answer was yes. I didn’t lose weight on the scale but I did lose the layer. I think I needed to hydrate. I was retaining water because I wasn’t drinking enough and I do believe the lemon water helped. I would also like to say that increasing my water consumption also resulted in clear skin. The water was refreshing and I still drink it. I just make a pitcher and place it in my refrigerator.

Lemon Water Weight Loss


  1. shannon kirtley says

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