What is Love? According to Kids

love according to kids

What is Love? According to Kids



Last night, my 5 year old asked me what I thought Love was. I had to really think about it, and told her that I thought love was caring about the people around you, and making sure you show it to them everyday. I then asked her what she thought love was, her reply made me smile…



So it got me thinking, what do kids think love is? I set out to find out by asking friends, family, and fans what their kids thought love was, and some of the answers were cute, some silly, but all of them were right, and it goes to show how many different ways love can be interpreted, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

Here is what Love is, according to kids:

What love is according to kids 0-5

  • Heart. And love. And cars. And trucks. Another heart.- Logan, age 4
  • Hugs and Kisses- Nico, age 4
  • You can have kisses or hugs… and they are in your heart and if they died they are still with you – margeaux age 5
  • I love you that is all Max- age 3
  • God-Phoenix age 5
  •  love is hugs, kisses, mcdonalds chicken nuggets and Aunt B’s cookies-Madden age 5
  •  love is Transformers- Nathan age 4
  • I don’t know….I don’t know anything about that-Reehya age 4
  • love is eyeballs-Wyatt age 4
  • she did the sign language for love. she said her mommy, saying I love you to mommy. and spongebob square pants.- Ciara age 4
  • when someone is in your heart “mommy and grammar are in my heart-Amethyst age 4
  • Love is Mommy- Caleb age 4
  • Love is you love something you love.- Cheyenne age 5
  • Love is Pizza- Salina age 4
  • It’s I love you- Ricky 2 years old

What love is according to kids 6-10

  • Love means caring -Matthew age 9
  • love is when you like to kiss and hug someone and it feels good – Kaesel age 7
  • Love is when you truly love someone you would do anything for them – ANYTHING! – Jayme 9
  • When a mommy and a daddy decide to have a baby- Sean age 6
  • Loving means you take care of people.-Taylor 6
  • love is when we love others no matter who they are- Joshua age 9
  • love is when you want to be around someone.-Raven age 10
  • “love” means “that you like someone.- Tyler age 8
  • Love means when my Mom lets me play with my LeapPad even when I put the broccoli up both of my noses.- Madison age 7
  • Love is hard to explain. Extremely liking someone.-Caleb 10
  • love is daddy giving mommy the last dr pepper.- Michael age 8
  • It kind of means like peace and family, and happiness- Kaylin age 7
  • Caring and kindness for family and friends- Samantha age 8

What Love is according to kids 11-18

  • Love is a really good emotion deep down and you would take a bullet for them-Nick 15
  • I got nothing- Lucas age 11
  •  love means family and being grateful what they do for u-Todd 14
  •  love is a good feeling, like compassion, when people treat other people good.-Tyler 12
  • Love is sticking together no matter what! Love is unconditional!-Elizabeth age 13

What do your kids think love is?


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