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  Love Story

I believe every couple has a love story. I consider a love story something that makes that couple special. The glue that holds them together. A love story to me isn’t a fairy tale. It is the time when you need someone and only the person you loved could understand what you need. I realized quite early in my relationship with my husband that he wasn’t a mind reader. He had no idea what I was thinking and he would rarely guess right. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to it was just that he couldn’t. I may resemble complicated. I decided a would share a chapter in our love story.

I had a particularly trying day. In fact it was capped off with my husband coming home to chaos and changing out of his work clothes only to sit in his chair. I kept waiting for him to get up and help. I mean I am sure he could see that I was at whits end. The house looked like we had been robbed and the kids were literally bouncing on the furniture. He said, “Honey, whats wrong.” The only thing I could think to say is you do not even bring me flowers anymore. I am not sure why that flew out of my mouth. It clearly had nothing to do with the chaos that had taken hold of my world. He said, “He was sorry.” Then life went on.

Love story

That weekend he took the kids out for a couple of hours which I really needed. He came back with a bucket filled with leaves. He got out his shovel. Then he and the kids began to dig. They dug for awhile. I wondered what they were doing outside. I walked outside to see the children watering the branches with leaves. I walked outside to further investigate. He just smiled. The children of course told me “Daddy was bringing me flowers.” I looked at the sticks with leaves and the realized one day they would be flowers. You see my husband is a smart guy he figured out a way that I would always have flowers. I realized that if I told him what I needed he would deliver. He would deliver beyond my imagination because he loves me. The picture above is my roses and my children cut them and bring them to me as well. The secret to a strong relationship is communication.

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