How to Make Awesome DIY Party Invitations

DIY party invitations

DIY party invitations

When planning a party, your first impression starts WAY before the guests arrive at the door. First impressions start with the invite. Invitations communicate much more than just the place and time of the event; they also express the theme and “feel” of the party. That is why DIY party invitations are so wonderful.


Choosing an invitation is a pretty big part of the party planning process, so it’s important to put your best food forward. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend big bucks. You can do most of it by yourself, from right where you’re sitting. Ready? Let’s get started!

I find tons of great backgrounds and images to use for invitations on Pinterest. Since it’s harvest season, let’s say I want to throw a canning party with my friends. I simply search for “canning jar clip art” or “mason jar printables”.

DIY party invitations ideas

Mason jar DIY

Up comes the perfect image.

I go to the site and download it.

Now for the fun part. Picking a font. Many people don’t realize that there are amazing fonts available – for free. Sites like , and are great to start off with.

Once you find and download the font, open Microsoft Word or your word processing program. Go to insert, and insert your selected image. (I’ve cropped out the little mason jars and just selected one big mason jar to use for this. I took the one mason jar image I selected and copied it to get two mason jar images per page.)

mason jar

I typically use the landscape layout so I get at least two invites per page.  It’s as simple as inserting a text box and typing in the details!


mason jar2

Now, once you’re done, you’ll want to pick out a nice paper. Not photo paper, and not regular computer paper – cardstock or thicker. Additionally, you can email the files to an office supply store and have them printed out. You could always print this on light blue paper to mimic the antique mason jars, and make two small slits by the neck of the printed mason jar and tie a bow on it. You could even print these out and stick them in mason jars to hand to your guests! What a great incentive for them to attend, now that they already have a jar!

Whatever your event theme, it’s simple and quick to make an impressive invite.

Bookmark this for future reference, or use it as inspiration to make your own DIY party invitations!


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