Memorial Day Craft For Kids: Patriotic Wands

Memorial Day Craft For Kids: Patriotic Wands

patriotic wands

Happy almost Summer everyone! Can’t you just feel the heat in the air? The promise of vacations and cookouts? I know I can! Memorial Day marks the first day of summer, and is a day to remember what our troops have done for us and celebrate living in the best country in the world. Every year our town throws a big Memorial Day block party and my family and I love to attend. Last year they were selling slowing ribbon wands for 5 bucks a piece and I just knew I could make them at home for WAY cheaper than that, and I was right! So I wanted to pass on this fun craft with you! So I wanted to share with my my DIY Patriotic Ribbon Wands which would make a great Memorial Day Craft for Kids!

Here is how to make these Memorial Day Craft For Kids: DIY Patriotic Ribbon Wands:



You Will Need:

  • Glow Stick Flags ( They have them at the dollar tree) You could also use small flags or regular glow sticks.
  • Red, White, and Blue curling ribbon
  • festive wire wrap
  • tape
  • scissors

ribbon wand

First,  You will want to cut your curling ribbon into strips. Length is up to you and how long you want your ribbon wands to be. Cut all 3 colors into strips.

wand steps

Next, you will take strips of your ribbon and place them together. You can make these as thin or as full as you want! Tape the top ends together to make a cascade of different colors.

memorial day wands

Then, you will tape your cascade of ribbons to the top of your glow stick. Make sure to make it as flat as possible.

wand steps

Then, wrap your decorative wire around your wand and tape to secure.


Lastly, Attach your flag topped, crack and shake to glow and have fun! I love easy and fun crafts to celebrate holidays like Memorial Day, don’t you?

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