The Three things you can change in your Marriage


Marriage Life Tips


   The difference between a marriage that is occurring and one that is thriving are these three Marriage life tips. I want to first start off and same that a relationship between two imperfect people isn’t going to be a perfect relationship. There are some things that you can do to make sure that you have a relationship that lasts a lifetime. A relationship where both people are happy and committed. I thought I would share the three ingredients that I consider necessary to a flourishing relationship.

Marriage life tips

Trust it is an essential ingredient in a relationship. That means you do not check your partner’s phone or scour their computer for information. If you have a question you ask. If they answer you do not question their response. You trust them. I believe there is nothing that tears a apart a relationship quicker than not trusting your partner.

Communication is the next vital component in a relationship. You must figure out how to communicate in a way that makes sense for both parties. I used to get mad at my husband because he didn’t do what I was thinking he should do. You read right what I was thinking he should do. He told me point blank he is smart but he doesn’t read minds. Then we talked about how he had to receive his information so that the things I needed would be taken care of. It turns out he wanted a list in order of what needed to be done when he got home from work. He noticed that if he came home and started folding clothes when the kids really needed to be put to bed that I got mad. He didn’t understand why I was mad he was folding laundry. He just needed the order. I never would have thought about making a list. He also asked me to text him on his way home from work if I was having a hard time so he knew that he needed to take over right away. I call it my SOS text. We also talked about turning off all electronics and spending 30 minutes a night talking. It is actually a nice habit we have developed. We usually hold hands and reflect and laugh about our days.

The third ingredient is necessary and that is appreciation. You need to not only appreciate the person you are with. You need to let them know. Telling them you love them isn’t enough you need to tell them why. I love you Because. You need to do thing to let them know that you care. You can write a hand written note, send flowers, make them break fast in bed or these 100 things you can do for others for free.

Having a relationship involves hard work from both parties. It is worth it to take the time to make sure you are there for one another being married is about being true partners in all aspects of your life.


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