Save Hundreds on Pregnancy clothes

 save money pregnancy

I have so many friends that are having babies. They are besides themselves with happiness. Then they have a moment where they wonder how am I going to make my current clothing work. How can I dress myself in clothes for the pregnancy and not spend a lot of money?  I wanted to teach them how to save money pregnancy. I decided to share a few of my secrets that kept me looking great on a budget.I was always comfortable in what I had on and even happier that I didn’t spend a fortune.

These are five quick tips that really will save you money on Maternity clothes. I actually made money on the clothes I bought when I consigned them later on Ebay and a local thrift shop. I also sold a lot of my clothes on Craigslist and did really well. I have to say buy what you like and what looks good on you and what you can wear on the way back down to your normal pre baby weight. It is easy to save money on maternity clothes if you follow the tips I share in the video.

save money pregnancy

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