School Snacks Made Easy With Help From Aldi! #ALDIgivesback

School Snacks Made Easy With Help From Aldi!

Disclosure: I was provided $25 to Aldi to facilitate this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂

Aldi Gives Back

Another school year is upon us! This year my daughter has entered the 2nd grade, and has found out that it is quite different than years past. The homework is harder, the rules are a little more strict, and they get to have a snack this year. In years past snack time was not a thing. I’m not quite sure why. So when we got the note home that we could provide a snack for our child for morning snack time we were thrilled. You see, my daughter is NOT a morning person, so when I ask her if she wants to eat something at 6 am, the answer is usually a very groggy no. (And for those wondering, yes I still made her eat something, she just wasn’t happy about it ha!). So now that she has a snack time around 9 am, it makes for an easy morning.

But this snack time got me thinking, what about the kids who couldn’t afford to bring a snack every day? We are a title 1 school, meaning that at least 50% of students are on a free lunch plan. This usually means that money is already tight, and even an expense of an extra snack a day might be too much. So I knew I needed to help out my daughters teacher and send in some extra snacks. Thanks to Aldi, I was able to do so!

aldi gives back

Aldi has always been excited about helping out kids heading back to school! In fact, they work with Real Advice Gal on filling up back packs with school supplies to donate to those in need. How cool is that right!? But as I mentioned above, school supplies aren’t the only things that kids need help with during the school year. Keeping kids full and focused is just as important as making sure they have a sharp pencil to write with. So to do our part in helping with my daughter’s class, we headed to Aldi to grab some snacks that the class could share! I love how to Aldi, you never have to worry about breaking the bank. They always have the best prices. And on top of their already low prices, the Special Buys can’t be beat!


Aldi has an awesome variety of individually packaged snacks that would be perfect to send to class. They rally do have something for everyone. Fruit snacks, chips, crackers, I even saw individually packaged bags of trail mix! Sending extra snacks to your child’s teacher is a small act of kindness that will have a big impact on the class as a whole. Snack time is a time to relax and socialize with each other, make sure everyone can participate without having to worry. Head to Aldi and pick up some extra snacks today!

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