Back to school savings with the Savings Guarantee!

Back to school savings with the Savings Guarantee!

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You guys, can you believe it’s already time to start talking about going back to school? For us down here in the south, we only have a few weeks until we go back! I love spending the summer with my daughter, but I also love the structure and routine of back to school time. This year is a big one for us, it’s 3rd grade! Which means it’s our first year for real letter grades and switching classes! It also means that there is much more on our back to school list than crayons, markers, and tissues. This year we need notebooks for every class, pencils, calculators, all kinds of “big girl” things as my daughter calls them! As parents we know how expensive back to school time can be, so I’m always looking for ways to lighten the load a little bit. Coupons are always a great money saving options, and is my favorite place to find them! They always have the best selection of coupons on the web, and I love that the site is easy to navigate and use. But wait, there’s more! has launched a program called “Savings Guarantee” to help people shop with confidence knowing that they’re getting the best online coupon code during Back to School and beyond!

What does that mean for us parents? Simple! It means that if a shopper finds a coupon code that doesn’t have,  then will reward the shopper $25. And even better,  during the month of July, is upping the reward to $50! (Like all price-matching or price guarantee offers, there are exclusion to the Savings Guarantee. These types of coupon codes do not qualify: Codes that are exclusive to another website, Codes that provides the same discount as one that is already listed, Personal referral codes or a one-time use code, Non-code offers such as grocery coupons, in-store coupons, or discounts embedded in a link.)

How awesome is that!? That means that they are confident enough in their coupon database that they will offer you money if you find one they don’t have! And what a perfect time to offer something like this. I know a lot of us parents are already looking for great deals on back to school clothing, shoes, supplies, and electronics.

I already knew that had the best selection of grocery and in-store coupons. But now with the Savings Guarantee, they are also the best place to look for online coupon codes, too. With the Savings Guarantee program, I can skip the line and shop online at my favorite stores and know that I am getting a great deal without having to hunt around for the best coupon code. And i f I do happen to  find a code that doesn’t have, they reward me for helping them help other shoppers. Talk about a win-win right?

Make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck during Back to School time with! Happy Shopping and I hope everyone has an awesome school year!


  1. I love They always save me so much money! Back to school is the time of year when I need to squeeze out every cent of savings possible.

  2. This looks great – my family loves coupons.
    I plan on telling my sister about this site.

  3. Catherine Sargent says

    I am always interested in saving money. I will be checking out

  4. Sounds great! Who doesn’t love saving some money? has actually been a favourite for a while now!

  5. I love using coupons . Com to find deals. They have so many great coupon codes.

  6. Saving money is my favorite hobby! Love to find deals… especially on things I am not excited to have to purchase, like school supplies.

  7. We go back in a month. I can’t believe it’s already time for BTS shopping. We’ll definitely check out for our bts shopping needs.

  8. The 25$ and 50$ bonuses are awesome. I like using I have to check it out more before my shopping trips.

  9. Great savings here, I totally need these. I’m just starting back to school shopping.

  10. With three kids, back to school shopping can be costly. Coupons are always a big help, plus shopping online.

  11. Those bonuses are great incentive! We are getting ready to back to school shopping so we will definitely check it out a little more to see if we can save.

  12. It’s hard to believe how fast summer is going by. A little over two weeks and the kids go back here.

  13. Love it – it’s one stop shopping for sure. Sales, online codes, and a guarantee.

  14. Sheesh its already back to school season. Poor kids summer is going by too fast for them but its reality and good thing there are coupons to help parents save for supplies this year.

  15. Christina Aliperti says

    Anything that helps save money is welcome. Back to school can be super expensive if you don’t know how to save.

  16. That is a super smart idea! is always doing great things to help people save money!

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