Show Some Teacher Appreciation With Back To School Gifts From Aldi!

Show Some Teacher Appreciation With Back To School Gifts From Aldi!

aldi back pack event

Aldi Giving Back Pack Event-As some of you may know, my daughter is at a nee school this year! We have bought our first home that we close on in 2 more weeks! We wanted to go ahead and enroll her in the new school system she will be in when we move so we wouldn’t have to switch schools only a month in. Right now it’s a little stressful as the school is 40 minutes away from our current home. Which means we are driving 40 minutes each way twice a day. While it might be annoying it is 100% worth it. You see this school is a little different than what we are used to. It’s an “arts integration school” which specializes in art, music, and drama. All the things my daughter loves. After one week of attending this school, I know we made the right decision. She has fit right in and really blossomed so quickly. She even made the drama club! 

aldi giving back pack event

My daughters teacher has really been an awesome introduction to our new school. She is sweet, patient, and really loves her job. I think having a great teacher can really make a school year great. We have been lucky some years, and not so lucky others. This year is going to be awesome. Her teacher has went above and beyond to make sure my child is happy and comfortable at her new school. So I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for her. That’s where the Aldi Giving Back Pack Event comes in!

A lot of school kids are in need, which is why I love to give back when I can. But did you also consider that school teachers are also in need? Most school teachers spend hundreds of dollars of their own money to keep their classrooms running smooth, and making sure their students have all of the things they need to make learning easy and fun. So I hope you will join me in helping to ensure that we help lesson that burden and show our teachers how much we appreicate them. And when shopping at Aldi, you can do that easily and cost effectively!

aldi3After school my daughter and I headed to Aldi to do some grocery shopping (um, have you seen their collection of yummy cheeses!?) and to grab some things off our teachers wish list for her classroom. If there is one thing teachers always need it’s pens and pencils. So we made sure to grab some. Aldi offered lots of different options for school supplies. We made sure to grab some white out, highlights, tissues (you know kids are always snotty!), construction paper, ziploc bags, and a new stapler. There was one more thing we had to grab for her…

aldi4Chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate and a teach needs it more than any of us, ha! And I may or may not have grabbed some dark chocolate covered caramels for myself…it was too tempting.


We got home and packed a great teacher appreciation bag for my daughters new teacher and delivered it to her the next morning. This small act of kindness meant so much to her and we were happy to show her we care! I hope you will join me and show your child’s teacher how thankful you are by picking up some things they might need from Aldi! 

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