It is time to end the pajamas mom trend

pajamas mom

There are ten great reasons why pajamas are for sleeping and not for public consumption. The definition of pajamas involves sleeping in. That means you relationship with your pajamas should be shared with the person in your bed and the bed itself. It should not be shared with people at the store, school, and dining establishments.


1) Getting dressed is something we teach our children to do so we need to model that behavior

2) If you are in your pajamas it is highly unlikely that you have showered

3) Pajamas rarely fit so they do little to accentuate your body

4) I understand taking care of your children but you need not forget about yourself put on jeans and shirt

5) Would you go to a job outside of the home in pajamas? Well, if your job is in the home as a mom/dad or a work at home mom/dad get dressed for it.

6) If you are embarrassed because someone ended up seeing you in you pajamas because you didn’t change that should remind you to change each morning

7) Usually people wearing pajamas are not wearing the right under garments and I do not need that much information about your body.

8) Pajamas in public immediately make people think you are lazy even though your job started earlier than theirs in most cases and will not end anytime soon.

9) People are uncomfortable when you show up in pajamas to a lunch. It just sends the wrong message.

10) It takes two minutes to change out of your pajamas so do so. You do not want to end up on the website for pajamas violations.

The truth is parents often forget about themselves. It isn’t okay. You need to take five minutes and get dressed. I will tell you that I have turned on the dreaded TV in my bedroom and I have had children sit outside of my shower door so that I can take a shower. I used to have a bin in my closet so I could get changed. It had a water squirt bottle, rag, cleaning brush, books, balls, crayons that were for writing on the bath tub, and a music cd with my kids favorite songs. If they were singing with me I knew where they were. I would break out that special bin so I could take a shower. I suggest taking 5 minutes, get out of your pajamas and you will feel better.


  1. I totally agree! Even though I don’t have little ones anymore I still feel that I get less done in the house and for the blog when I just leave my PJ’s on than when I actually get dressed!

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