Uses for Leftover Champagne

Uses for Leftover Champagne

Leftover Champagne

I love gathering Life Hack Tips, these tips and tricks are not only effective but they make life a little bit easier and great for the budget too. Now since the holidays is over and after all the parties for sure you got some leftover champagne left, so are you thinking of uses for flat champagne? I’m sure some of you will say that the best thing to do with it is to drink it up but why not spice up things and use your leftover champagne for other stuff.

20 Uses for Leftover Champagne

1. Make other booze drinks like sangria

champagne cupcakes
2. Makes desserts like champagne cupcakes
3. Make champagne ice cubes. Put them in your orange juice to help cure your hangover in the morning!

4. Make elegant side dishes like Champagne Orange Bread
5. Use it for basting turkey or chickens
6. Make champagne chicken
7. Perk up soups
8. Use to steam seafood
9. Make a vinaigrette

Champagne garlic dressing

3 cloves of garlic in flat champagne and let it sit for 5 hours to infuse. Then pour it over veggies in a salad or to cook with. Yum!
10. Make a vinegar
11. Make a bread
12. Make a face toner
13. Make a face mask
14. Use for your hair
15. Make a jelly
16. Clean your mug with it
17. Make pancakes or waffles
18. Champange Jello
19. Make a sorbet
20. Use as a marinate

Do you know of other Uses for Leftover Champagne? Share it with us below.

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