Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Notes

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Notes

Elf On The Shelf Notes


It’s December ya’ll! You know what the means right!? It’s time to bust out those Elf on the Shelf elves that play tricks on our kids and report back to Santa. Elf on the Shelf is something I really enjoy doing for my daughter each year and she gets a kick out of seeing what Chippy (our Elf) is going to do next. So I wanted to share the joy of the Elf on the Shelf with you with these Free printable Elf on the Shelf notes that I made! I think some of the best magic of the Elf is being able to use him or her to teach your child that rewards come from good behavior. Of course the kids should want to be good all year round, but admit it, it’s a little easier to encourage around the holidays right?  Ha! 

Here are my Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Notes:

elf-warning elf-nice


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Santa Notice: I love the idea of reminding my daughter that Chippy checks in with Santa every night and will report any naughty OR nice behavior so she knows where she stands with the man in the big red suit.
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Elf Notes: Does your Elf have something to say? Maybe a reminder for your little one to clean their room? Or an awesome hot chocolate recipe ?Print these Elf Notes out and fill in the blanks!
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Blank Elf Notes: Festive holiday backgrounds that are blank and ready for your to get creative!


  1. I love this and need this! Thank you

  2. Gina Dunklebarger says

    Thanks for the Elf on the Shelf printables. They are a HUGE time saver!

  3. How do I print these out? Do I need a certain kind of paper for the printer?

  4. Thank you! These are very helpful!

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