How to Make Patriotic Ribbon Ponytail Streamers

How to Make Patriotic Ribbon Ponytail Streamers

DIY Hair Streamer

If there is one thing my child loves, it’s hairbows of any kind. Every theme day at school, new holiday, new hobby, they all require a new hair bow. Which is why I learned how to make hair bows ha! My daughter is also a dancer, and for the upcoming holiday of Memorial Day she will be marching in a parade with her dance team. So of course this means she needed something patriotic for her hair. So to the craft store we headed, and that is where I came up with this DIY Patriotic Ribbon Ponytail Streamer! It’s super easy to make and who doesn’t love to show their love for American via hair accessories right? 

Here is what you will need to make this Patriotic Ribbon Ponytail Streamer:

hair streamer

  • Ponytail Holder
  • Red, White, and Blue ribbon
  • Red, White, Blue star patches
  • Hot Glue/Scissors

Here is how to make this Patriotic Ponytail Ribbon Streamer:


First, cut each color of your ribbon into strips. (Honestly, I didn’t measure them, I eye balled it. I think it looks better at different lengths anyways!)


Next, You will take your ribbon 2 strands of one color at a time and tie them around your ponytail holder. You will do this all the way around while alternating colors. Easy peasy!


Next, it’s time to fire up your glue gun and begin gluing your star patches to your ribbon. Make sure to not glue the same color star to the same ribbon or they won’t pop as much! (Side note- I got the star patches at Walmart for a buck each!)

hair5How cute it that right!? It took me a total of maybe 15 minutes to make and it’s super patriotic and cute. And my daughter says that it’s “bouncy” which I’m going to guess is a good thing to a 6 year old.


Happy Crafting everyone!

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