DIY Four Leaf Clover Barrettes for St.Patrick’s Day!

DIY Four Leaf Clover Barrettes for St.Patrick’s Day!


February has come to an end! It’s time to welcome March and all it’s glory. Warmer temperature, spring rain showers, and St.Patrick’s Day! I love pretty much every holiday because I get to make fun themed crafts and activities! 

My daughter is having a party at her dance studio for St.Patrick’s Day and I thought it would be cool to make her some cute barrettes to match her green leotard she is wearing for the party. So I thought I would share this easy DIY Four Leaf Clover Barrettes project with you in case you wanted a cute (and cheap!) project to do to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day! You could make 6 of these for about $2.50!

Here is how to make these DIY Four Leaf Clover Barrettes


You Will Need:

  • Black and Green Felt (You could also use different color green, white, or any other color you want!)
  • Barrette clips (I found the ones above for $1 at Walmart)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • This FREE Clover Template I made for you!
  • Buttons or any other type of embellishment
  • Marker


First, Cut out your clover templates (I made 3 different sizes for your to choose from). Use your marker to trace the clovers onto each piece of felt. You will need 2 for each barrette.

clover3Next, cut out your clovers! *Tip, use a really good pair of scissors, the old cheap ones I used made it difficult, ha!

clover4Then, using your hot glue glue one clover on top of the other. Angle them so you can see both colors!

clover5Next, use your hot glue to glue your barrette to your clover. You could also sew it in if you want too, but this is easier ;).


Finally, add some buttons or other embellishments to personalize your barrettes and enjoy!

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