MyLinkables: Money Saving App


How many times have you been shopping and wished there was an easier way to save money besides clipping coupons?  Smartphone technology has brought us out of the era of clipping coupons and into the world of “the app.”  Looking for a hassle-free way to save money is what led me to find MyLinkables.  It’s one of the newest apps available and specifically designed to save you money everywhere!

Instead of spending time clipping coupons, MyLinkables allows you choose coupons online, link them to your debit or credit card, and receive your rewards automatically.

Here’s How It Works:

When you see a MyLinkables coupon, rebate or cash back offer, save it to your MyLinkables app offer wallet.  Redeem the coupon and get cash back (no minimums) to your credit card or debit card. Offers from all the popular brands can now be redeemed at YOUR CHOICE of any national and local store. No coupons to clip, carry or forget and no rebate paperwork to fill out.  Offers are redeemed for both cash and credit card purchases via the scan of your receipt or card linked directly to any American Express or Visa credit or debit card. You can easily “link” and redeem any retailer or brand promotion via any media type including online, mobile, TV, print and radio.

You can check out a Clark’s Shoes $10 Off a $75 In-Store Purchase Linkable here!

mylinkablesHow Do You Receive Your Savings?

Savings are automatically credited to your registered credit or debit card(s). Cash back is automatically sent to your card 1-3 business days after the purchase was made.  You’ll receive an email when your savings have been credited.  Saving doesn’t get much easier than that!

Let’s Recap MyLinkables

When you see a MyLinkable ad for your favorite brand, link it to your MyLinkables app offer waller.  Register your favorite credit or debit card in the MyLinkables app.  Shop, scan your receipt and get cash back to your link credit or debit card.

Are There Limits to How or Where You Can Use the App?

The best feature of the MyLinkables app is that you can pay with ANYTHING, whether it be cash, a credit or debit card, and even a gift card.  Unlike other shopping apps, with MyLinkables, you are not limited to what stores you can shop at in order to redeem savings with the app.  Shop at ANY STORE, whether it be a convenience, grocery, mall, or pharmacy.  There is no need to involve the cashier and no validation is needed.

Scan the receipt with the MyLinkables app and they’ll verify your purchase.  Receive confirmation of your rebate and watch the money roll into your chosen CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD account. No need to wait months to reach a minimum to receive your savings. Cash back can be redeemed to any registered credit or debit card.

No Waiting

There’s NO WAITING to earn a minimum amount in order to cash out, and best of all, no checks in the mail.  Shop for all the brands you already at the stores you already shop in.  Discounts and cash back are available from brands such as Coca-Cola, Tide, Crest, Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, Clairol, Bounty, Perdue, Dole, Proctor Gamble, Campbell’s.

Shop where you want!  Simply save the MyLinkables you find, then shop or dine and scan your receipt using the app. You will automatically receive your savings. Think of it as a coupon without the paper, printing, clipping, forgetting or hassle.

It’s FREE! … Yes, FREE!

The biggest plus is it is FREE!  There is no cost to use MyLinkables. Some things in life really are free.  MyLinkables is one of the.  There is no cost of any kind to you.  Your credit or debit card will never be charged.  MyLinkables will only put money into your account.  Savings are automatically credited to the credit or debit card that you register in the app.

MyLinkables is a service provided by Linkable Networks, Inc. and is 100%PCI Level 1 Compliant – Data Security Standards & a TRUSTe Certified Privacy company.





Free Father’s Day Printable For Kids: Who is Your Super Hero?

Free Father’s Day Printable For Kids

Father's Day

Father’s Day is for our Super Heroes

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of new ways to show my husband how much he is appreciated and how awesome a father he is to our little girl.  Our daughter is absolutely a Daddy’s Girl.  Since my husband works nights, he isn’t always available to do the same things nine-to-five working dads do with their children.  That’s one of the reasons why when he’s home and not sleeping, our daughter doesn’t leave his side.  This quality father/daughter bonding time is so important for our daughter.  The time she spends with her Daddy is something my husband and I value and cherish.  Taking advantage of these specials moments is something we believe to be a top priority for our family.

Our daughter calls her Daddy her Super Hero and always gets him a super hero themed gift for Father’s Day.  This year I decided to make a super fun printable.  This special printable for kids is super hero themed to go along with his present this year.  If you have a Super Hero for a Dad in your family, be sure to let him know how much he is appreciated.

Every father that works hard and loves his family should feel like a super hero.  It is our job to make sure that happens.  This is why I wanted to share this Free Father’s Day Printable with you.  Your kids can fill it out and share it with their Dad.  Enjoy!

Click on the photo below to enlarge and print your Free Father’s Day Printable For Kids:

[Read More…]

Super Simple Coleslaw Recipe

Super Simple Coleslaw Recipe


It’s officially coleslaw season again!  As summer approaches, our dinner menus begin to change.  This is the time of year when my husband starts grilling and I simply have to prepare side dishes.  For me, it’s a bonus because I have a recipe box filled with summer sides, including fresh salads and vegetables.  After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is put together a whole meal.

Our local farmer’s market just opened and, with all the fresh vegetables available, our family’s dinner side dishes no longer consist of frozen vegetables.  We’ll be enjoying zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes, green beans, bell peppers, peas, cucumbers, and asparagus fresh from the farm.

This family favorite simple coleslaw recipe is one which I adapted from my days of following The Flylady.  Instead of chopped cabbage and carrots, the recipes calls for these ingredients to be shredded.  My family is not fond of sweet coleslaw so this coleslaw, which is more on the tangy side, pleases everyone.

Here’s what you’ll need: [Read More…]

Toll House Cookie Skillet Recipe

Toll House Cookie Skillet

cookie skillet

I am the first to admit that I love a good cookie. What is better than one cookie? How about a Toll House Skillet Cookie?

The truth behind my love of this recipe is that I love the idea of baking cookies. However, once I make a sheet or two, I am over it. Once I’ve mixed up the batter, I don’t want to be getting up every ten minutes to take cookies out of the oven and fill up the cookie sheets again. That’s why I decided try a cookie skillet instead of individual cookies.

After seeing the idea on Pinterest, I decided it was worth a try. I loaded the next batch of cookie batter into a skilled and baked it until done. This is favorite new way to bake cookies. [Read More…]

Spring Break Getaway Bahamas Cruise

Spring Break Getaway Bahamas Cruise


We only have two more Spring Breaks to take a vacation as a family.  This year we will Cruise the Bahamas for Spring Break!  Our teenage daughter’s only request is that this Spring Break trip must include sun and fun.  Well, this year we plan to deliver just that.  Planning a vacation for the three of us takes more than a little bit of coordination and planning. With the travel dates set well in advance by the school system, all we need to do is arrange for time off that week.

First Things First:  Cruise or Resort?

The first step was to contact our travel agent to let him know when we wanted to get away, where we wanted to go (South!), and how much we planned to budget for the trip.  We have a personal relationship with our travel agent and he was able to quickly come up with three options.  As much as we wanted to travel out of the country, the Mexican beach resort option was immediately dismissed because it required us to obtain passports.  I know we eventually need to apply for passports but it’s just not in the budget right now.  That left us with two options:  a beach resort in Puerto Rico or a cruise to the Bahamas. [Read More…]

Free Disney Bucks Printable

Free Disney Bucks Printable

Free Disney Bucks Printable

Alright where are my fellow Disney lovers!? We just found out that this coming October my family will be traveling to Disney World for 8 days. I am beyond excited, and my daughter is even more excited than me. This will be my 2nd trip with my daughter, and to be able to go during Halloween which is my favorite holiday is super exciting. And as we are finding out, super expensive!

I wanted to think of a way to set a budget for my daughter and to help her earn her own money to spend while we are there. I am not a fan of a free for all during vacations, so I make sure my daughter knows how much it costs to go, and how hard we work to go. So she loves being able to “work” for her own spending money, and it helps us from overspending as well. That’s why we came up with Disney Bucks!  [Read More…]