Pizza Roll Recipe

pepperoni, mozzarella, marinara pizza rolls

My kids love pizza and so do I but I have to admit I can get tired of it after awhile. If my kids had their way they would have pizza once a week or more. Not me, I think once a month is enough. So I try to find recipes that use some of the same ingredients as pizza since I know my kids will try them and hopefully like them. This pizza roll recipe was a big hit at my house. I made them with canned croissants, mini pepperonis, and mozzarella balls. We dipped them in marinara. You could use these as your main dish with salad and applesauce sides or serve them as an appetizer. They are fun for a kids party but also would be great for an adult get together.

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Monkey Bread Recipe with Cream Cheese

This monkey bread recipe with cream cheese is great to serve for breakfast and one serving is only 4 weight watchers points.

This monkey bread recipe with cream cheese is great to serve for breakfast and one serving is only 4 weight watchers points. It is so good I could not stop pinching off pieces every time I walked past it on the counter throughout the day. So I would recommend either dividing it into serving sized amounts and putting them into containers or serve to the whole family right away so that you are not tempted to eat more than your four weight watchers points worth.

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Valentine’s Day I Heart Recipes

I Heart Recipes

Even though I do occasionally wear a cape, I do not consider myself to be a supermom. I am just a mom trying to make memories and share special moments with my children. They are only young once so I say make even the littlest moments special. However, like I said I am not supermom so I try to find super easy quick ways to make our moments special. Today I want to share 3 Valentine’s Day I Heart Recipes with you that I have done to make Valentine’s Day sweeter with my children.

Valentine’s Day I Heart Recipes

Cool whip hot cocoa heart for Valentine's Day Treat

Hot chocolate with a touch of  love

This looks so sweet and is so easy. All you do is grab a heart shaped cookie cutter, put it on a baking sheet or plate lined with parchment paper. Spoon cool whip into the cookie cutter and freeze. Once frozen pop out the heart and float it on top of your hot cocoa. My sons loved this treat and now want floating cool whip shapes every time we have hot cocoa. If you need a recipe for amazing hot cocoa, check out this copycat recipe.

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She Says: What age should children learn to tie their own shoes?

What age should children learn to tie their own shoes?

Your kindergarten aged child is sent home from school at the beginning of Christmas break with a note from the teacher. The note states that the teacher will no longer be tyeing shoes for any child when they return to school in the new year. She also indicates that your child needs to practice this skill. What do you think about this development?


What age should children learn to tie their own shoes? Tell us about your experience teaching children how to tie shoes.

Gina Says:

In my head this is how I reacted to this letter of proclamation: “Who in the bleep does this lady think she is, telling me my child needs to learn how to tie his shoes.” In reality, unfortunately, my reaction was quite different. I squared my shoulders and rolled up my sleeves and set out with determination to teach my child how to tie his shoes. It did not end well. Not only did my child shed some tears but so did I and we were unsuccessful and both overwhelmingly frustrated. So I returned to my original style of reaction and decided that I would fix her and only send my child to school with Velcro sneakers. Problem solved! Or so I thought. Next thing I know a friend is sharing how excited she was that her child had learned to tie his shoes. Well, this time I let my mothering insecurity take over and again set out to teach my child this “so important can’t succeed in life without it skill.” This time with the bitter taste of defeat still lingering in our mouths, we gave up much easier. It was still frustrating and not a good experience by any stretch of the imagination. So I decided that I did not care if my child wore Velcro shoes for the rest of his life and we did not revisit this learning experience again. Fast forward 3 years and my son is preparing for his first basketball practice. We went out and bought sneakers and much to my chagrin they were sneakers with laces. Yikes. I gently reminded my son that he might need to learn to tie shoes if he were going to wear these sneakers to basketball practice. He ignored my pleading to pick a different pair and was insistent these were the sneakers he had to have to be any good at basketball. Without a single word from me, he approached me the next day and asked me to show him how to tie his shoes. So I showed him once. He put on his sneaker and tied it with some prompting and help from me. He then untied them and did it again all by himself. A few days later, I found him sitting by himself, tying and untying his sneakers repeatedly. He then puffed up his chest and held his chin high and said, “I am a swimmer and I know how to adjust my own goggles so if I am going to be a basketball player I need to know how to tie my sneakers.” The next few days were filled with happiness as he showed everyone in our path that he could now tie his shoes at the ripe old age of 9!  I am so happy he learned to tie his shoes but I also had a back up plan for on the basketball court…lace lockers. So my take away and best piece of parenting advice in this situation is simply to wait. When your child is ready to learn he will. There should not be mounds of frustration and tears. It really is something that can wait until your child has the manual dexterity and desire to learn this skill.

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She says, she says, she says!

Here at Love Laughter Forever After we have a brilliant team of writers. Most of us are moms. We work very well together and are happy to be coworkers. We have many things in common but we also lead wildly different lives and have vast differences of opinion at times. Regardless of our unique qualities, original thoughts, and differing but also outspoken opinions we still consider each other friends. Recently, it occurred to me that it might be fun to share with our readers our unique take on various topics about love, marriage, education, parenting etc and thus “She says,” was born.

She says is an honest candid forum where our writers of all different backgrounds will share their unique opinions about topics to which we all can relate.

She says is an honest candid forum where our writers of all different backgrounds will share their unique opinions about topics to which we all can relate.








This is how it will work. Each writer will be given the topic and/or a writing prompt. Each will then write about her own thoughts, experiences, and opinions regarding the topic. The other team members will not know what each other is writing until the day the discussion is posted. That way our opinions stay unique and we are not collaborating or sharing ideas that might color each other’s writing. The writers will not always remain static as we want to give all our team members a chance to voice their opinion especially when they are passionate about a topic.

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Hospital Stay Survival Tips

hospital stay

This is the best way to keep kids entertained and help parents through the journey of a hospital stay.


Recently, my youngest son, only 4 years old needed emergency abdominal surgery to fix an intussusception. We were in the hospital for 6 days. While there, I learned some new things to promote healing and wellness and also had to come up with some creative ideas to keep a 4 year old entertained. I hope you never need to spend any time in a hospital with your children or any family member but since these things do happen I wanted to share my hospital stay survival tips.

Hospital Stay Survival Tips

Get creative with what you have – We used the wash basin as a car washing station. The pumping foam soap provided by the hospital made lots of bubbles and all the toy cars we brought from home went into the wash. This was also a way to encourage our son to get washed up too. He had to keep his incision dry and could only take a sponge bath. He was a little apprehensive about this but once he saw all the fun to be had washing cars and that is was easy he agreed to get a bath. We later used the same wash basin to grow snakes, you know the kind that grow when you soak them in water. We let them soak overnight and the next day when I needed something to entertain him we were able to check on the snakes to see how big they had grown. If you have a girl, you could always give a doll a bath or clean jewelry in the basin. And I am sure they make the grow toys in some shape that every child would enjoy.

hospital stay


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No Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

granola bars 2 2

No Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

My children love to snack. I have two very active boys. They eat 3 meals a day and still grab snacks more times than I even dare to count in a day. I try to always have plenty of healthy snacks that are easy for them to grab and eat. It gets tough around the holidays with all the cookies and candy to make sure they are making healthy snack choices. So today instead of baking cookies I decided to try to make granola bars. I had never made granola bars before but knew I needed an easy recipe so that I could whip some up whenever needed. I looked around online for a no bake version and found a very basic recipe than I added my own twists to increase the nutritional value. It is not always about what you take away (less fat, less sugar, less processed ingredients, etc) sometimes what you add can be just as important. I added chopped peanuts, peanut butter, and chia seeds to my granola bars. I also cut the amount of  honey by half since I was adding peanut butter. The peanuts and peanut butter help boost the protein in these treats so they will stick to your ribs longer . The chia seeds add those ultra important Omega 3 fatty acids. I think chia seeds are so much better than supplementing with fish oil for healthy brains and bodies. Chocolate chips are optional but who doesn’t love granola bars with chocolate chips. Healthy eating is all about moderation so give em a few chocolate chips since you know the good stuff is inside the bar not on top of it. [Read more…]

Celebrating Christmas with $5

Celebrating Christmas with $5

Celebrating Christmas

What is the purpose of the holiday? It seems to me that we have become consumed with spending money to celebrate. I would like to challenge you to a $5 Christmas. What is a $5 Christmas? It is your opportunity to be creative and to remember the reason for the season. I challenge you to doing things and giving gifts that are under $5.

I asked one of my readers on my site what she intended to do since funds were limited this holiday.

“I already plan to have my grandkids go to an assisted living place to visit the elderly. Going to make cookies to bring.   I told the 3 kids that this will be a  small year and hopefully they understood. They are going to sit down on Thanksgiving weekend and we are going to write out Christmas cards to send to the service men and women.” 

It got me thinking how could I create a more meaningful holiday for my children. I want to create something they will remember and come up with a tradition that they will never forget. We already make sugar cookies and decorate them. I decided I would buy a journal for each child and I would write in it. I would take my time to reflect on what makes them special and what I have learned about them or with them this year. I plan on placing their journal in their stockings. I will even do one for my husband. I bought their journals for under $5 each and I think this will be the most memorable gift they have ever received.


You can also get some great tips by reading our post planning a party on a budget.



Successful Relationship Tips

Successful Relationship Tips

secrets to a relationship

He Said, ”

Successful relationship tips –

This past weekend I had an enjoyable city visit to Boston to visit my sister and her family. Coming from

the “country”, I have developed a passion for the Boston metropolitan area – especially when it comes

to short visits.

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Love Story

In true Love, Laughter, Forever After, Tradition. We will do a “He Said” and “She Said”. My husband and myself will tell you how we met.

Amee and Mat

He Said,

How I met my wife

Back in late 1996, I was a junior E-3 Fireman Electricians Mate in the US Navy.  During that period in my life I was stationed in Orlando Florida at the US Navy’s Nuclear Power School.  I truly loved living in Orlando as I had access to Church Street Station downtown, Disney, and all the attractions only 30 minutes away.  But one of the main attractions was to go back to the home of the Florida Gators – Gainesville FL. [Read more…]