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True Love Stories

I often wonder how people fall in love. What is that happens that makes two people connect?

I hope you appreciate these true love stories from real people just like you. Please, share your love story by submitting it to our love story submission.

I met my husband by accident. I was 16 and went to hang out at my girlfriend’s house.

There were 2 guys there that were friends of hers and we all hung out together. I was interested

in one of the guys. After they left, I told my friend that I was interested in Guy A and she said

she would give him my number and tell him to call me. I guess something was misunderstood,

because my friend did pass along my number, but she gave it to Guy B!

True Love Stories

Of course, I had no idea, until Guy B called me the next night. I explained to Guy B, whose

name was Walter, the mistake that my friend made, and we had a really good laugh. Then,

instead of hanging up, we continued the conversation and actually liked each other. By the end

of that first conversation, I had forgotten about Guy A and was completely into Walter.

From that day, we started dating and were soon inseparable. Today, 20 years later we are

still together and happily married with a soon to be 17 year old son. Walter was my first and

only love!

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