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True Love Story

I was working at a mall when I noticed this beautiful young lady working at one of the stores.

I was in a relationship so for the next couple of months this young lady and I played the “smiling

and staring game”. One day while I working and having a very bad day, she approached me and

before I realized it was her, I replied to her question with a bad attitude. I had recently ended

my relationship and was so mad at myself that I ruined an opportunity to talk to this beautiful

young lady.

Later that day, feeling embarrassed, I had to enter the store that she worked in to address a

work issue and finally I was able to speak with her and I apologized and invited her to lunch. To

my surprise, I was turned down, because now, she was in a relationship. So we continued to play

the smiling game for a couple more weeks until one early morning she stopped me while I was

walking in front of her store and she gave me her number!! Excited, I went down into my office

and called her and invited her to go get some ice cream from a store in the mall and she said


True Love Story

During our ice cream date I can clearly remember her dripping some ice cream on her foot

and I bent down to clean it for her. When I looked up at her, in that moment, I fell in love. That

was years ago and my love for her grows deeper every day. We now have a beautiful daughter

and are engaged to be married.

True Love Story

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