Valentine’s Day I Heart Recipes

I Heart Recipes

Even though I do occasionally wear a cape, I do not consider myself to be a supermom. I am just a mom trying to make memories and share special moments with my children. They are only young once so I say make even the littlest moments special. However, like I said I am not supermom so I try to find super easy quick ways to make our moments special. Today I want to share 3 Valentine’s Day I Heart Recipes with you that I have done to make Valentine’s Day sweeter with my children.

Valentine’s Day I Heart Recipes

Cool whip hot cocoa heart for Valentine's Day Treat

Hot chocolate with a touch of  love

This looks so sweet and is so easy. All you do is grab a heart shaped cookie cutter, put it on a baking sheet or plate lined with parchment paper. Spoon cool whip into the cookie cutter and freeze. Once frozen pop out the heart and float it on top of your hot cocoa. My sons loved this treat and now want floating cool whip shapes every time we have hot cocoa. If you need a recipe for amazing hot cocoa, check out this copycat recipe.

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Real Life Love Story

Real Life Love Story

real life love story

Real Life Love Story

Ashley and Chris


I met Chris 12 yrs ago at a high school party.We had a lot of fun talking and I always saw him hanging with friends. He was always in an out of trouble and went to jail a few times, but I always kept in touch with him. I always talked to Chris about my love life because he was very easy to talk to! I was sad one day and he told me that I should go after a guy that I usually wouldn’t be attracted to and he suggested himself. So I blew it off as a joke. I went to hang out with my friends, mutual friends of Chris & I. I guess Chris told them he wanted to chill with me.


So, we went to pick up Chris and we hung out for the night. He just made me smile. He is a very funny guy, smart ass but funny. I was putting my daughter to bed and he came in an said he had to go home. He looked at me & said can I have kiss? So we kissed! The feelings I got in my tummy are feelings I haven’t had in a very long time! We texted all day everyday and hung out a lot after that. The night I knew I loved him I was laying in bed with him he was holding me tight and I was just thinking I love this guy!


Then he went back to jail, but I waited for him. When he came home, I sat down with him and told him no more trouble because I have a daughter and she comes first. He applied everywhere for a job, got hired at two and got his own place. He totally changed his life for my daughter and me. We have our bad moments but we overcome them with love. He showed me that what I used to think was love really wasn’t. I still have my girl moments, its because I’ve been so hurt in my life, but he makes it okay.

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Real Love Stories: Justin share his

real love story


Real Love Story

Justin’s Story:

I swear, it was like she came out of nowhere, but when I met her I felt it in my heart that she would be the woman that I will spend forever with. She touched my soul and captured my heart at once and since then I have been in love with her. This is my real love story.


It makes me so happy knowing that I have a queen that is there for me and loyal to me. She will never leave my side because she’s strong and able to weather the storm with me whenever gray skies come our way.

Instead of distancing ourselves from each other . We lift each other up and keep each other focused on happiness and our family together. We have now been together for almost three years and the love never changes for my queen. It just grows stronger and stronger every day. She loves her king and knows that all I want is for my family to be wealthy, healthy and happy and other than that, nothing else matters.

She shares my dreams and my goals and I can’t imagine a life without her by my side.

– “I always say the best story is a love story. It reminds us that in this world nothing is better than being with the people who inspire us and challenge us and encourage us to be our best.”- Amee

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True Love Story/ His Side

love story

True Love Story

I was working at a mall when I noticed this beautiful young lady working at one of the stores.

I was in a relationship so for the next couple of months this young lady and I played the “smiling

and staring game”. One day while I working and having a very bad day, she approached me and

before I realized it was her, I replied to her question with a bad attitude. I had recently ended

my relationship and was so mad at myself that I ruined an opportunity to talk to this beautiful

young lady.

Later that day, feeling embarrassed, I had to enter the store that she worked in to address a

work issue and finally I was able to speak with her and I apologized and invited her to lunch. To

my surprise, I was turned down, because now, she was in a relationship. So we continued to play

the smiling game for a couple more weeks until one early morning she stopped me while I was

walking in front of her store and she gave me her number!! Excited, I went down into my office

and called her and invited her to go get some ice cream from a store in the mall and she said


True Love Story

During our ice cream date I can clearly remember her dripping some ice cream on her foot

and I bent down to clean it for her. When I looked up at her, in that moment, I fell in love. That

was years ago and my love for her grows deeper every day. We now have a beautiful daughter

and are engaged to be married.

True Love Story

A Kiss Goodnight

A Kiss Goodnight 

I have always believed being in a great relationship is hard work. I have never believed love just happens because as much as I enjoy reading brainless love stories by Nicholas Sparks I know reality is hard work. I have been married for over a decade and in that time three things have always been evident. 1) My husband will never remember to put his socks in the hamper 2) When we look at our children we look at one another and smile 3) I always get a kiss goodnight. I will say there have been nights that the last thing I want to do is kiss my husband. I mean as much as I love him he frustrates me just the same. He isn’t the verbose one and he usually isn’t argumentative but he can be stubborn and sometime he can say things that lack reason according to me.

A Kiss Goodnight 

I work at night and often my husband goes to bed well before I even contemplate sleeping. He always stops on his way upstairs and gives me a kiss goodnight. He has gone to bed and come back down after several hours because he forgot to give me a kiss goodnight most often because three little people were hot in pursuit with a poem book in tow. He comes down half asleep and half awake and then he kisses my head and off to bed he goes again. Last night was no exception from the goodnight kiss rule. My husband hurt his back badly and we even had to drive him to the emergency room to have them provide him with some medicine and a crutch. We was attempting to walk upstairs to go to bed when he stopped like normal to kiss me goodnight. He couldn’t reach. He isn’t nimble to begin with. In fact he can’t touch his toes and watching him put on his socks is comical. He tried to squat and move right then left. I asked him if he wanted me to get up. He said, “No, I will always find a way to kiss you goodnight.” I asked, “If he just wanted to kiss my hand because I could raise it.” He said, “I love you to0 much to do just that.”

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Shemar’s New Love Story

Find out why Shemar Moore is Funding his Love Story on Indiegogo

This past weekend a group of bloggers got to meet up with Shemar Moore at a Press Junket in LA. While there they go to sit down with him and find out why he is using Indiegogo to fund his film project, The Bounce Back.

love story

The Bounce Back is a Love Story about a man, Matthew, who loses his wife and after a brief grieving period writes a book. He begins a year long speaking tour to promote his book and the system of survival he has created. His world get thrown upside down when he meets Kristen (played by Nadine Velasquez). He must decide to stick with his plan or throw it out the window.

See Some Behind the Scene Footage from the Press Junket


Many people have asked, ‘Why invest in Shemar Moore’s Love Story?”

I was going to list all the reasons I felt for why people should invest in Shemar Moore’s Love Story when I read what why my friend, Erica Pena-Vest had written on why she feels people should invest in Shemar’s Love Story.  She answered this question better than I could have so with her permission I am posting her reasons here for you to read. 

We are reaching the home stretch of this journey and I have often, during this process, heard people ask “Why should I give money to the Bounce Back Indiegogo campaign?”. It’s a legitimate question. One I’m going to try to answer and pray that you can better understand the importance of the campaign I am working on.

Movies are made everyday. Money comes from all kinds of places. Studios, investors, companies, sponsors…there are a million ways to raise money, so why go to the fans? Shemar has answered this over and over, but somewhere in the back of our heads we’re worried he’s ‘acting’ or telling us what we want to hear. It’s ok to admit it. I thought the same thing when I first heard about this project. He’s a wealthy man, and this movie is not a charity. The movie will make money as will it’s stars, so why should we get involved? What do we get out of it?

I can’t tell you how many times, as a blogger, I have been disappointed in a movie, especially this summer. My favorite movie as a kid was the original Superman with Christoper Reeve (remember that one?). When it was remade, I hoped (secretly I prayed) that it would be everything I wanted it to be. I wanted the feel of wonder, excitement, virtue and a return to the only truly altruistic character that has ever existed on screen (other than Christ). I was badly disappointed. The Superman I remembered and loved had turned into a Hollywood production of violence, confusion, betrayal and my hero even lacked the virtuous character he was known for. What happened? Have we really become THAT audience that is cynical and no longer believes in virtue and love?

That’s where the Bounce Back came in for me. Here’s a chance to help make a movie, have a voice, be at the screening, meet the star and director, have influence on a movie that is about the most basic and human concept in existence – LOVE. If ‘they’ the producers screw this one up, well, I might not believe in movies any more.

But I’ll be real honest, I know Shemar. I’ve met him, as have some of my friends and we can tell you one thing. That man IS LOVE. Everything about him eludes love, sensuality, sexuality, and sensitivity. I’m not even saying this as a fan. I am a fan, but you only need to spend two minutes with Shemar and you no longer feel that ‘I’m-about-to-faint-because-I’m-so-excited’ kind of feeling. It’s more like you just met the cute guy at the diner or you had a date with the quarterback of the football team. He’s real. He’s approachable. He’s the dream come to life. He’s the PERFECT leading man.

That brings us to the Bounce Back. Sure they could have gone to Hollywood for the money, but by coming to us, we have a voice. We can be part of something that’s going to change the way Hollywood sees us, the consumer. Right now, we are a $9.50 movie ticket to them, but after this, we are Hollywood producers and maybe, just maybe, they will start listening to what we want we think, what we want to see, what we believe in, who we want as a lead actor…and maybe next time, they won’t mess with Superman. Maybe. But we won’t know until we try. They won’t know what we can do, until we show them.

Let’s make this love story happen for Shemar, because it’s our love story. It will always be ‘our’ love story. No one will ever be able to take that from us. This will always be the time when we showed Hollywood that if only they would come to us, listen to us instead of talk down to us, we could truly make magic.

I can’t think of a better person to make magic with and for than Shemar Moore. Who’s with me?

Thinking about Investing- then head on over to the Indiegogo Page and make your investment and check out all the great perks you can earn for investing.

My favorite Perk is the $50 perk that includes a digital copy of the movie, PDF of the script before the movie is released, Email Updates, and The Bounce Back Film T-Shirt.

love story

Disclaimer: I am only a social media volunteer for the Bounce Back film campaign and am have not been asked to write this. My opinion is entirely my own and not meant to be representative of Shemar Moore, the Bounce Back film or its affiliates

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Love Story : Ringing up Love

love story

Love Story : Ringing up Love

Garrett and I met in 2004 at our local Target store while working as cashiers and this is our love story, Garrett was 16 and I was 17. We rarely worked similar hours as we were both in high school- I was homeschooled though so I was working the day shift most of the time, which caused Garrett to think I was much older than 17. A mutual friend of ours was kind of like the messenger between us at Target – she would tell me that Garrett wanted me to come through his line to buy my personal items and my response was usually “who is this Garrett kid!?!” Well…. on Halloween night of 2004 we actually were both working the evening shift and we finally sparked a conversation with each other, exchanged phone numbers on Target receipt tape (which I still have)!

From then on, our conversations were through email or the phone when we weren’t at work. A month later, Garrett went away with his family for Thanksgiving and we would talk every night on the phone- our excuse to our parents was that I was giving Garrett his work schedule. We truly developed a very strong friendship through our nights of working together and chatting in the car after work- we really got to know one another during that time period. My parents were strict on the whole dating scene and Dad was adamant on meeting any guy before he gave me the okay to date.  On Valentine’s Day, 2005 Garrett stated that he assumed he left his name badge in my car. So, I gave him my keys and on his break, he went to my car and put a dozen red roses and a card on my passenger seat! The card (which I still have to this day) said- I will wait forever for you if I have to!-  Love, Garrett.

Love Story : Ringing up Love

He knew that my parents were quite strict on the whole dating thing so he was showing me that he was willing to wait for me. When I got home that night, my Mom told me that I needed to go tell my Dad about this Garrett kid or she would. So, I went up to tell my Dad that I met an amazing Christian guy at work and I’d like for my Dad to meet him.  Our friendship continued to develop at work and Garrett finally met my family at our annual Church Easter Play that April. I always joke that Garrett met my Dad at his weakest point because Dad was playing the part of the angel Gabriel- and had white tights on…. Hehe! J Garrett’s parents also came and I met them for the first time. Dad approved, and our dating relationship began! Throughout high school, I went to Garrett’s proms and homecomings and we really did fall in love. I graduated from high school in 2005 and waited an entire year to go away for college so that we would go at the same time- Garrett graduated in 2006. After Garrett graduated, we both went away to college- I was in southeast Pennsylvania and Garrett was in West Virginia- for the next 4 years, we carried on a long distance relationship (approximately 7 hours one way from each other) and looked forward to the few weekends and summers we were able to spend together. We knew that we wanted to get married, but also knew that finishing college was an absolute necessity. We had our hard times but we always made it out on the other side as a stronger couple- upholding our Christian values and continuing to develop that strong friendship with each other and God together.

Finally, my junior year of college, Garrett came to visit me in PA for our annual banquet- and at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA he proposed to me- it was truly a fairytale proposal as he surprised me at one of my favorite places to visit near my college! We immediately started to plan the wedding but knew it would be a few years away as Garrett had a great opportunity to attend college for an additional year and graduate with both a Bachelors and Masters- he did that while I came back to Maryland and started my career with the Federal Government. I graduated college in May, 2010 and Garrett graduated on May 11, 2011- we were married on May 21, 2011 (just 10 days after his graduation). As we come upon our 2 year wedding anniversary, I think back on this unique love story and I am so thankful for the friendship we developed so early in our relationship and I am blessed to be married to my best friend! I cannot explain how much Garrett means to me – he is my best friend, soul mate and a wonderful husband!

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Love Story: Roses


  Love Story

I believe every couple has a love story. I consider a love story something that makes that couple special. The glue that holds them together. A love story to me isn’t a fairy tale. It is the time when you need someone and only the person you loved could understand what you need. I realized quite early in my relationship with my husband that he wasn’t a mind reader. He had no idea what I was thinking and he would rarely guess right. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to it was just that he couldn’t. I may resemble complicated. I decided a would share a chapter in our love story.

I had a particularly trying day. In fact it was capped off with my husband coming home to chaos and changing out of his work clothes only to sit in his chair. I kept waiting for him to get up and help. I mean I am sure he could see that I was at whits end. The house looked like we had been robbed and the kids were literally bouncing on the furniture. He said, “Honey, whats wrong.” The only thing I could think to say is you do not even bring me flowers anymore. I am not sure why that flew out of my mouth. It clearly had nothing to do with the chaos that had taken hold of my world. He said, “He was sorry.” Then life went on.

Love story

That weekend he took the kids out for a couple of hours which I really needed. He came back with a bucket filled with leaves. He got out his shovel. Then he and the kids began to dig. They dug for awhile. I wondered what they were doing outside. I walked outside to see the children watering the branches with leaves. I walked outside to further investigate. He just smiled. The children of course told me “Daddy was bringing me flowers.” I looked at the sticks with leaves and the realized one day they would be flowers. You see my husband is a smart guy he figured out a way that I would always have flowers. I realized that if I told him what I needed he would deliver. He would deliver beyond my imagination because he loves me. The picture above is my roses and my children cut them and bring them to me as well. The secret to a strong relationship is communication.

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High School Love Story

High School Love Story

High School Love Story

If someone would have told me when I started high school that I would be
meeting my husband there I would have thought they were crazy! A high school love story
wasn’t something I believed in. I mean who meets the person they are going to spend the rest of their                                                 life with at the age of 15?? I did…

When I think back on our journey thus far it brings me to tears. I
absolutely, 100%, love my husband and I am still in love with him after 12

We met through a group of mutual friends in high school but at the time
Jeff was dating someone else. The first time I met him I knew there was
something special there. About a year later when neither of us was with
anyone we began seeing each other. It seriously was like a fairy tale.
Everyone kept telling me that I was too young to fall in love, and that
you can’t find someone who loves you when you are so young. I was sick of
people thinking I was so naïve. I just knew that he would love and support
me my entire life and I did not care what everyone else. What we had was

High School Love Story

Our relationship was easy and fun. We overcame many obstacles together and
it only made us stronger. After dating for 8 years Jeff asked me to spend
the rest of my life with him at the exact spot where we had our first real
date. It was honestly one of the happiest days of my life. You are
probably thinking if you guys were so in love then why did he wait 8 years
to propose?!? You need to remember we met when I was a teenager and after
graduating high school I went to college, so I was only 22 when he
proposed. We have now been happily married for 4 years and have 2 boys
with another one on the way.
I can honestly say that I sometimes feel guilty because not only does he
respect and love me but he always puts me and our family first. How am I
so lucky to have such an amazing husband? He is my best friend and I look
forward to what the future has in store for us.

“People search their whole lives for one moment of what we share when
we’re together.” – Anonymous

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Real Love Story: Mr Wrong Became Mr. RIght

Real Love Story

Love Story

Mr. Wrong became Mr. Right

    This Real Love story is Gwen’s. In the interest of honesty, I never dated in High School. I don’t even really remember wanting to. I was in my twenties when I decided that I had some time for fun. I wasn’t going to make a list of what I wanted but instead had a list of what I DIDN”T Want.

Some of the items on my list included:

No kids

No previous marriages

No one living at home

No being picked up at a bar

Real Love Story

Well suffice to say, I met my husband on June 22, 2002 while going out to a bar with friends. We didn’t actually meet at the bar but at a friend’s house first but I have conceded to the fact we talked the most at the bar. The funny thing is he thought I was a snob! In my defense, this was to be a girl’s night only until she invited him to come along. They were old friends and it was her birthday so I really couldn’t complain.

He quickly realized although I may be a snob, I was a sucker for his son. He showed me the cutest picture of this little redheaded child and I was hooked. We spent the rest of the night lost in our own conversation. I was a bad girl and went home with him that night against the advice of friends. They told me it would only be a one night stand.

I knew within a few days that I loved him and freaked out the day he wanted me to meet his son. It was the most nerve wracking day of my life because I knew his son meant the world to him and I was worried he wouldn’t like me. I did pass the test and within a few weeks he officially moved out of his mom and dad’s house and into my apartment.

He worked for a landscaping company and wasn’t making more than minimum wage so he kept pushing off the idea of proposing. I finally told him that it didn’t matter if it was the ring on a pop bottle. I wanted to marry him and not his checkbook. He proposed on October 18th at my birthday celebration with my family. He had already gotten my dad’s blessing. I found out later that my dad, in all his humor, asked him if he was sure because there were no refunds or exchanges.

We were married on January 10, 2003. Just 6 ½ months after we first met. We welcomed our daughter on January 19, 2004 (just 1 day shy of her dad’s birthday.)

 I may forget what clothes I wore yesterday but I know that on June 22nd it will be 11 years from when we met. On June 24th it will be 11 years from when he asked me to be his girlfriend and on June 27th it will be 11 years since I met my step-son.

Our marriage has not always been easy, fun, or stress-free but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for what I do have. A husband who loves me in spite of all my quirks, 2 children who mean more to me than life itself, and a family that has been thru trials together and came out closer and more bonded than when they started.

My word to those still looking for that special someone- Don’t brush off someone just because they aren’t what you said you wanted or didn’t want. They may end up being exactly what you needed.

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